Clean | Natural | Organic | Handmade| Plant Based Skincare

Angella Irving is free from nasty toxins, parabens, cruelty, and all those things people rattle on about.
We are 100% Vegan, 100% Black Woman Owned

Angella Irving understands that what is applied to your skin is absorbed. Therefore, all our products are handmade using naturally derived and/or organic ingredients that are proven to be safe and effective.

As the body’s largest organ, your skin responds to authentic and natural ingredients in the same way the rest of your body does.

  • Café Noir Body Scrub

    Our Café Noir Body Scrub is made to exfoliate your dead dry skin leaving it smooth and moisturized. This gem includesOrganic Jojoba,Organic Black Cumin Seed Oil and Organic Coffee to stimulate and nourish. Breathe in the robustness of our freshly ground Organic Coffee Beans as you massage the scrub in circular motions to awaken your senses. It’s non-comedogenic and safe to use on your face and down past your waist!

  • Purely Shea Body Balm

    Our concentrated body balm is made to deliver deep moisture to your parts with unrefined Shea Butter , Organic Argan Oil and Candelila Wax. It’s infused with Ylang Ylang essential oil to stimulate your senses and increase blood circulation in more ways than one.

  • Pristine Face Cleansing Oil

    Our face cleansing oil gently rids skin of dirt, buildup, oil and makeup with a powerful blend of Organic Jojoba Oil,Organic Evening Primrose Oil, Organic Black Cumin Seed Oil, Organic Castor oil and our personal favorite, the ultra-moisturizing Squalane(Olive Oil). Pristine Face Cleansing Oil is rich in antioxidants and acne-fighting properties which deeply cleans pores resulting in balanced, healthy and hydrated skin.


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