Meet & Greet


Chief Maker/Curator

Christine Irvinlyn

Who is Angella Irving?

Angella is my Mother and Irving is my Father

How did Angella Irving come about?

It was a very cold, brisk and dry winter day in New York City where I reside. I recently ran out of lotion and decided to brave the elements to pick some up at my local pharmacy. I selected a well-known brand of lotion and took a hard look at the ingredients, to my dismay, they were incredibly incomprehensible and full of chemical compounds I didn’t understand. That very day, I decided to create my own products with simpler clean ingredients derived from natural chemicals (Seeds, Trees, Fruit) for myself and ensuing shared them with family and friends.

And now, You! 

What is your favorite natural oil or butter?

Baobab, it’s coined the “Tree of Life” and my travels to Tanzania allowed me to see it in all its full splendor. I swear by this oil and like coconut oil, I put it everywhere.

Who are you listening to Right Now?

Jazmine Sullivan- Forever Don’t Last

Bethel Worship Arts- Good, Good Father

William McDowell- Closer/Wrap Me in Your Arms

Lauryn Hill- I Gotta Find Peace of Mind (Unplugged)

Diamond Platnumz-Eneka

Samba Mapangala & Orchestra Virunga Ujumbe- Dunia Tuna Pita (Extended Version)

What is your biggest fear?


Best travel experience?

Tanzania & Guatemala

What is the one thing you can’t live without?

Besides God & Family, a lip moisturizer!

What’s your life’s motto?

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!