Travel Light and Right: Skincare Essentials

Travel Light and Right: Skincare Essentials

I love traveling! Anything to do with a passport, train, plane, adventure, pick me! I’m down! It’s truly one of my passions, possibly the only one I’ve identified. I must admit, mastering the art of packing the essentials especially when my only luggage is a carry-on, is one of my best attributes!

You don’t have to compromise on products when dealing with limited space; go head’ and pack those extra shoes you need while being able to incorporate the following skincare must haves:

Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap

It works as a Shampoo, Face Wash, Body Wash and Laundry Detergent. Peppermint is my fave, just remember to dilute and carefully maneuver around your sensitive bits.

Mask on Mask Off

I love to do a detoxifying clay mask especially if I’m eating, drinking and reveling in some foreign city. Charcoal pills are a must have on my travels, so I’ll throw a capsule into the mix to draw out the toxins(or when you wanna be brave and try some street food).

Body Oil

Moisturized and satin smooth skin is in that’s why I can’t live without Angella Irving Body Oils it’s apart  of my daily routine. My body has been ravaged by mosquitoes in Jamaica and sand fleas in Semuc Champey Guatemala, so I’ve learned to throw in some essential citronella and/or tea tree oils in the mix for added protection and soothing.

Moisturizer & SPF

Never leave home without these two! Angella Irving’s Face Oil and a great SPF is the dynamic duo you don’t want to live without.

Face Mist

Don’t allow your skin to fall victim to dry, stale, recycled plane air; consistently drink water and spritz your face during your flight. You can either purchase Face mist or if you’re like me, make your own. I literally use any tea bag I have in my cupboard, distilled water and a few drops of Angella Irving’s Face Oil. You’ll combat the dryness and leave the plane looking fresh and ready for your new adventure!

Traveling allows you to experience different cultures, meet new people and most importantly grow as an individual. Remember to nourish your skin as you nourish your soul!

Sound off below on your favorite skincare travel essentials!

Live, be blessed, stressed free and love the skin you’re in! 


Christine Irvinlyn 

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Omg! I’ve been paying close to $20 for face most which I know is just a water and oil mix but I love the dewy look it gives never thought I could make my own with a tea bag!! I’m thinking my ginger tumeriv tea. Thanks can’t wait to try!


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