Father's Need Love Too!

Father's Need Love Too!

According to society, having a black father in the home much less a black child even knowing their father is an anomaly, a white whale of sorts. We’ve seen the Ricky Lakes, Maury’s, Jerry Springer shows capitalizing off “You are NOT the Father!" ; panelists running wild through the crowds, screaming in the mother's faces and celebrating backstage the bullet they narrowly missed.

The narrative of black children growing up fatherless is as fake as _____! 

Statistically, 2.5 million of black fathers reside in homes with their children vs 1.7 million who do not; albeit, it doesn’t mean they are altogether absentee. Of course, a segment of the population has succumbed to the oppression levied against them due to the color of their skin. Whether it is imposed through the brutality of the prison system (slavery refaced), strategic deficiencies within the welfare system or just pure irresponsibility, including other extenuating factors of death and health issues.

We are still not Fatherless.

My Daddy is my heart, he’s one of my absolute favorites. He taught me how to drive stick, involved me in countless projects he worked on around the house, created a family band with my siblings and I, shepherd in daily morning and evening worships while keeping us in Action Park summer passes. His heart is jovial, temperament mild (except when it comes to math homework) and the love for his family and God runs deep and sincere.

He’s also my Birthday Twin!

Native of Jamaica, resettled in NY, his skin wasn't accustomed to the dryness of the air and fluctuations in temperature. His idea of skincare was him dabbing a little bit of Vaseline on his hands smoothing it around to "moisturize"" his skin along with a tub of Coconut Oil. That picture in my mind was a part of the motivation for me to create our Purely Shea Body Balm.



His application of either face oil moisturizer is always in an upward motion to counteract gravity.

Happy Father’s day to my daddy, my brother and all the host of dads and fathers. You are important and you are loved.

Live, be blessed, stressed free and love the skin you’re in!


Christine Irvinlyn

P.S. COVID-19 is not over! Stay Safe & Be Well! 


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Love this! Beautiful reminder that media and society paint a non-accurate truth about black men and black fathers.

Derrick Sabater

Fatherhood it’s a beautiful thing, I love to see it! Black fathers are so important thank you for highlighting truths in your blog, beautifully written! Thank you to all the amazing fathers out there!!✊🏽


Thanks for this! Black fathers are present, they matter, and that’s what we should focus on as a community instead of the negative narrative.

courtney Gardner

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