Bye Ashy : Buy Angella Irving

Bye Ashy : Buy Angella Irving


Angella Irving was birthed out of me trying to combat very dry and ashy {Bye Ashy} skin six years ago. I did the whole Lotion-Vaseline combination for a while and decided to take a hard look at the ingredients {which I googled} in which I exclaimed  “ehh this ain’t for me”

Our skin is the largest organ and 60-70 % of whatever we apply can show up in our blood stream.

My Jamaican parents, Angela & Irving instilled in me the value of health, ingenuity and appreciating the beauty in one’s own natural unadulterated self. As growing up Vegetarian/Vegan and maintaining that lifestyle, It’s important to me that the consciousness of what goes in also applies to what goes on.

 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

This led me to create products that I love with ingredients I can pronounce. Crafted for the epidermis down to the hypodermis. Simple Clean, Natural, Uncomplicated, Nourishing, Safe Skincare.

Thank you for supporting Angella Irving! I’m so grateful and hope you enjoy and love these products as much as I do! 

Happy Shopping!!

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Love the Christ shoutout! He doesn’t want us to be ashy either! 😝


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