Be Safe & Be Well- Rona Edition

Be Safe & Be Well- Rona Edition

Angella Irving is concerned about your well-being inside and out. This surreal moment in our lives will pass and while some may experience more strain than others.....

We hope you are safe

We hope you are healthy

We hope your emotional and mental well-being are strong

We hope you are practicing social distancing

We hope you are wearing mask and gloves


We hope you are practicing self-care

Our team is well and Angella Irving is open for business! We are continuing to provide products that moisturize and nourish your skin!

Live, Be Blessed, Stressed Free & Love the Skin You’re In!

P.S. We have a few exciting updates in the next subsequent weeks including a website revamp, new products, labels & inspiring collabs!


Christine Irvinlyn 

Drop us a comment below on how you’re practicing self-care (or just surviving)! 

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Still alive and healthy as can be! Thank you for your continued services and awesome products. I love using them on my “in home spa days.”

Derrick Sabater

Thanks for bringing some light to these dark times, loving the time off and especially loving the chance to try and get that Whipped Body Cream.

Aizen Sama

Thanks for checking in! I’ve been watching a lot of light and funny TV and avoiding the news. Lol!


Thank you for thinking about us! I am so glad you guys are still open for business because idk what I would do without my Satin Sheen, Control and Pristine!! You hear me!


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