5 Gems for Healthy Flawless Skin

5 Gems for Healthy Flawless Skin

Genetics  Ha! I mean am I right?

The first few questions when you visit the doctor are essentially seeing if your tree is diseased and full of disorders that can potentially be passed down to you. This also goes for good traits including a snatched waist, straight teeth, small ankles and great skin.

Acne is apart of my ministry here on earth and it's been a constant struggle from puberty to adulthood. My sister on the other hand has been blessed with perfect-acne-free-small-pore skin without having to pray, cleanse, tone, serum, mask,smear along with additional prayer for it!

In the meantime, while the lucky genetic aberrations’ (my sister) skincare regimen consists of splashing water on their face, you can achieve the same look by incorporating some of the tips described below


The options are endless, you can bathe, swim, spritz, lounge and most importantly Drink. Drink! Drink! Drink! Water that is and plenty of it. They say you should drink 64 oz. a day but I say drink more, reach for the stars or maybe even gallon.


Food is god increase FRESH ingredients and not fresh out the oven, more like raw vegetables and fruits. Consider laying off sugars, carbs and processed food.


All that water you’ve been drinking needs to go somewhere. So, SWEAT!  Whether it be in the Sauna, Bikram Yoga, Dancing or standing on a NYC underground subway platform in the heat of summer, just let it drip!

Fortunately (or unfortunately) I sweat naturally, it doesn’t take much for my pores to pour; not hyperhidrosis level, but enough to be cautious of the fabrics and colors I wear especially during the summer. Sweating opens your pores and releases toxins giving you that nice glistening youthful glow you want to hold onto.


And I don’t mean 1983 level steroid use, I’m talking JUICE CLEANSE! Pressed Juicery, you can take all my money! Three, Five- or Seven-day cleanses, I’ve tried them all; they leave you feeling lighter, mind more clearer and skin looking vibrant and healthy. 


Moisture is key to beautiful skin, and don’t forget to protect with SPF, I'm talking to you too my black sisters! Don’t even think that beautiful shade of brown protects you from extremely damaging UV rays which have been beaming through the depleted layers of our Ozone (climate change is real). Apply SPF liberally after you moisturize with any of Angella Irving’s Face Oil. Thank me later.

Of course, there are more tips that can be said, like staying FB free, having a good skin care regimen and casting all your cares unto God, but I said FIVE, so that’s it!

Live, be blessed, stressed free and love the skin you’re in! 


Christine Irvinlyn 

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Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


Thank you for your vital gems to add to my daily routine. Also, I can’t wait to use your organic products so that I can glow on the outside as well!!


Lmao! Thank you so much for these gems. I have a question though: how long do I have to drink water for before I see results? Because all I do is pee and my skin goals are not yet goals. And water is nasty 🥺


Good read had no clue sweating was good for your skin I hate sweating but maybe this just changed my perspective!


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