5 Environmental Factors that are Affecting your Largest Organ

5 Environmental Factors that are Affecting your Largest Organ

When we think of skincare, we seem to focus primarily on our regimen and the application of products, the Cleansers, Serums, Moisturizers, Scrubs etc. with less focus on factors that directly impact our skin and well-being but in an indirect route.

The following are five conditions that you may not realize are adversely affecting your largest organ:

Sun: The Sun provides the essential Vitamin D we need to function efficiently. It aids in cellular regeneration, metabolism, gives you energy and that sexy glow; However, climate change is real, and those UVA/B rays are fierce (Skin Cancer, Wrinkles). Our Angella Irving Face Oils contain a variety of oils which protect against free radicals( bad atoms) so apply daily and don’t forget your SPF!

F#%^people: Destructive relationships/situation-ships begets stress and stress begets inflammation which begets a hoard of issues within your body especially ACNE. Take a break or cut them off. Love yourself, it’s worth it.

Sugar: The only sugar I take sparingly is through hair removal (Sugaring). Sugar is everywhere and in almost everything! If not directly, it’ll turn into it eventually. It can cause aging and candida (fungus) growth within your body which is a factor in Acne, Psoriasis and Vaginal Yeast Infections. It also can cause the “Sugar” aka Diabetes, with complications as neuropathy or maybe amputation of a limb or two. Stay away or limit yourself.

Dirty Pillowcases: Your bedding especially pillowcases hold oil, dirt, epithelial cells, dust mites, hair grease, sebum and a ton of bacteria; all of which is being absorbed into your beautiful skin. Wash your bedding, change them weekly (at most biweekly).

Air: Cue “This is the Air I Breathe”. Some days it’s dry other days moist, most days it’s polluted. Buy plants that help purify the air in your home like the Viper Plant, get a humidifier if the air is dry and possibly an ionizer that will sanitize and rid the air of all the things your lungs are working overtime to filter.

Of course there are other mitigating factors that may adversely affect our health and wellbeing. Practice self-care, visit the doctor, see a therapist, pray/meditate, get a massage and continue to apply Angella Irving Natural Vegan Skincare Products!

Comment below on how you practice self-care!

Live. Be Blessed. Stressed Free & Love the Skin You’re In!


Christine Irvinlyn

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Lovely write up! I laughed at #2. Girl I take my skin to the Lord in prayer! I’ve noticed that when I do the least, my skin ends up looking the most radient!


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